Play League of Legends as my Referal and win me stuff

January 31st, 2016
Not a whole lot to post. Guess I'll start off with...

YAY another grim pic :P love starting updates out with that, lolz

Anyway spent most my time grinding up my elf.... which led to...

Sweet, Mayor of Giran :P Also picked up my first kill with my elf...

Not bad for a sub-60, first 1v1 kill :P

Picked up mayor again today, went to collect tax and...

... wow, 11.6m for citizen compensation and 78m for Mayor compensation... guess someone bought alot of zels in giran yesterday!

Anyway, I do work in a few boss checks inbetween grinding sessions on my elf.... Not a whole lot of good stuff, did pick up 91f charm and COI though, so thats nice

I had a couple of blowing pics, but it was mostly junk... I'm saving up for a big blowing spree soon, hopefully get some nice upgrades... so far I have saved up 3 +7 DF Boots, 2 +7 B-CoMR, 2 +5 S-Cloaks, 1 +2 Finger of Chaos, 1 +7 Power Gloves, 1 +7 Dread King Boots, 1 +7 F-TS and 3 +7 Spirit Gloves... hopefully at least a few of those don't pop and I'll be able to up my AC a bit more.

Anyway, thats all for now folks, have fun, level hard, get good drops.

Gimme some money - spinal tap
ello all
hit level 30 on my knight lineage2 classic its a slog :)
also this was posted other day

Lineage Eternal Test Scheduled for April
According to Korean gaming news site GameFocus, NCSoft Korea is going to launch a couple new beta tests this year starting with another beta for the Korean version of Master X Master in March followed by Lineage Eternal beta in April.

hi pyro hows it going not ssen a post in a while? everything ok at your end
yeh, been off zelgo for a bit, playing black desert online... pretty legit game so far... I have a few gripes, but overall better than most modern MMOs
hit level 35 on lineage classic but also level 2 other char to 25 back on main char now push to 40 very hard core.
Black desert is kinda shitty right now, it's a siege warfare game that doesn't have sieges enabled. Crafting/trading is shit since you can't trade items, if you want something you have to lvl your crafting up to make it, which isn't bad normally, but you can't specialize in something & have someone else specialize in something, if you want shyt from each profession u have to lvl each profession all the way up yourself, can't trade double mats to someone and have them craft you something, everything about that side of the game is shit, it's heavy pay to win to, never seen such a heavy pay to win on a pay to play game. Grinding is nice though, planning to stick it out til sieges come out, see if it'll be worth playing.
Yea im lovin the combat and gatherin/craftin aspects of black desert but ill admit not being able to trade stuff between people directly is a lil strange. Especially if your'e wanting to do multiple things in crafting. Rather than it being like wow where its pick 2 you end up having to level everything. But I dont mind running around gathering herbs and mining for a few hours. Oh and by the way im back from vacation lol. Was down in south carolina at folly beach, grabbed a beach house with about 10 friends for a wedding... so much alcohol consumed, gonna spend a month or two detoxing.
lolz, you on orwen server? drop me a line when u get a chance.
Believe so yea, will let ya know when I get home, just reformatting my pc.
lol pyro killed off the server. Get those wooden lookin teeth checked out man. Jeezuz
On Zelgo server, where is the npc located that crafts giran amulet?
GMs killed off the server when they said it was OK to exploit a bug to delete someones char.
Hey Guys
If your server has been closed, you should go take a look at Zajako´s private Lineage 1 Server.
He has created a game that is much more cool than the old live version.

More people = More fun! come join him and the rest of us at

I hope to see you all there =)

- Swashbuckler
Seems like a pay to win server, that Zajako´s private Lineage 1 Server. Atleast the impression I got
after looking 1 minute on that website.
yeh its a lot like linzero, most of the people that play there spent a lot of money over time, so to catch up it cost a lot of money in a short period of time
hi all just hit level 40 on knight made DA and level 37 on mage classis is real grind^^ L2
fun times... still playing black dessert. Its a pretty bad game, class balance is really bad, they're porting it really badly, instead of either mirroring the original release and shortening time between updates from like 6 months to 3 months, they put half the game in, left half out until they catch the US client up to the Korean client and the classes are a mix match of original release skills midway through the balances for changes that aren't in yet, and they're just pumping out updates to get it up to same client as korea every 2-4 weeks, so you barely have time to adjust to an update before the next one is hitting the server, its a real hodge podge mess of shit.
on the up side, they'll catch up to the Korean client in a few months, kinda garbage to release half a game that's marginally playable for the first 4 months while they pump updates out every couple weeks. Its wutever though, there is nothing else out that's good.
having a try of tree of savior
has a touch of lineage 1 very grindy
4 class only
main issue getting past the cartoony look
free to play so far
Went to their site... saw them riding hamsters... laughed... left their site. LoL... looks like it's prolly really cash shop heavy, I'm already playing BDO which is more than enough cash shop heavy game for a while
black desert if you were going to start game from new would you wait for next big update that been put on hold or drive in now?
dive not drive ^^
ello m8
just watched part 1 game play on youtube
looked like person was useing keyboard to move ?
can you left click to move & attack or keyboard only?
what server you on and whats the server pop like?
we're all playing on orwen... its keyboard/mouse, keyboard for movement mostly. Skills are all key combos mixing movement keys (standard WASD movement setup), Q, E, F, space, shift and left/right mouse buttons... for example my class, zerker, autoattack is left mouse button, special attack is right mouse button, back and right mouse button is a vertical spin forward, left+right mouse button is whirlwind, back and left then left+right mouse buttons is a double axe smash attack, e is a grapple, if followed by space does a repositioning leap moving u and the person u grabbed doing an AOE knock down where you lan, f is an AOE short duration stun... theres more but, I'd be here all night if I listed every skill I have and the key combo for it
Theres 3 servers, each server has about 10 channels, channels you can switch between freely... server we play on is Orwen. Population is pretty high, most guilds have a home channel, we have a home channel we do pve stuff on, and one we have war declared on almost every guild on the channel, so we wanna pvp we goto the war channel, we wanna grind we goto our guild's channel.
cheers m8
D/L game this morning at work until 6pm today will get on around 9ish uk time today .
Kk, drop me a line if I'm on, I'll git u in guild and discord infoz
When you make ur char, you have to make a family name all the characters on ur account will share & a char name... my family name is bloodpledge, my char name is pyroamos
family name KnightTemplar1
char name Devilkane
also one of my friends also signed up ill get his info to you when online
K, I'm be a bit busy at work next few days, u can msg pax or jinnstr if u see em on
pyro whats the home channel? yous use
Valencia 02, whispers work across channels though
cheers was on valencia 01 go on 02 tomorrow
Haven't seen you on yet, I try whisper devilkane before I goto work & when I get home from work, never seen you on qq
Work sucks, no time to play, no time to do anything. Our company basically uses loopholes in tax strategies to keep rich people rich and take a nice cut in the process, government has caught onto what were doing is perfectly legal so cant touch us, but they can audit the fuck outta us, and every company we do business for and with...

Basically theyre doing the 3 year old annoyance tactic waving their arms in our faces.
Hehe, sounds fun :p
hi pyro gave black desert a go but its not for me
waiting for aug 1st last beta for albion online then few months later game goes live
lots of changes .
new trailer everybody matters (final beta trailer)
ps still waiting for lineage 3 ^^

Albion sounded good til I started watching trailers for it, lolz
in all honesty pyro I can only tell you how the game seems to be at this point
massive grind
massive world
no fast travel
very much not pay to win
and plays realy well but that how it feels for me and as far as the graphics look if lineage 1 came out now we would not even look at it, but because we no how good lineage 1 was we would jump back on tomorrow if we had the chance to start over .

not talking about the graphics, combat looked really unpolished like it was an afterthought to the game and the crafting/item system looked like an absolutely boring stare at the screen forever concept... looks like a runescape clone in their preview videos.
just saying gameplay is realy good & no need to craft just kill mops grind silver buy items , when hunting in open pvp areas its like waiting for some1 to pop out of coi before they nerfed it , but if you want to craft you can , & again not telling anyone to play just saying it 100% better than it looks , no harm in saying it plays realy well and it would be a great shame not to try because it looks another game that's not very good.
little albion info
NCsoft begins hyping Lineage Red Knights with Seoul event

one half of a pair of mobile Lineage titles, Red Knights itself is based in the classic Lineage world (not Lineage 2, which takes place over a century later),
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