April 23rd, 2019
Let me spin a tale... a tale of a young level 5 elf. After an exhausting day punching scarecrows, she sat down for a nap under the Mother Tree. A loud buzzing startled her and she stood up... what was this place? Balls of lightning and giant bees floated around her... when suddenly appeared a masked archer. The archer motioned her to follow. Curious, she followed... suddenly a burst of arrows flew into one of the giant bees, collapsing it immediately. Following from a distance, she was entranced by the archer's skill as bee after bee fell to the ground. Suddenly one of the bees split open when it hit the ground and a small bottle fell to the ground. The archer stopped and motioned for the young elf to pick it up... then continued on... again another bottle... 5 times...

After the 5th bottle, the strange archer approached her. Reaching out a hand they placed a strange candle in her hand. As she took the strange candle, the archer slowly faded away. As the archer disappeared, the whole area slowly faded away. The young elf slowly came to, still under the mother tree. Was it a dream? I felt so real... as she stood up, the clink of glass grabbed her attention... the strange bottles were in her bag! How odd... deciding to try drinking one, her body gained swirls of strength trying another her mind began to sharpen... what was this. Drinking all of them, she felt strangely more powerful, but unfocused. How odd, she thought... then she noticed the strange candle remaining in her bag. Wondering what this strange thing is, she decided to visit the land of the humans and ask someone. Everyone she asked kept referencing a lady named Lolo... and eventually our young elf found this Lolo...

Ahh I have been given special instruction for you, Lolo informed her. Lighting the candle Lolo lowered it to the young elfs nose... our little level 5 elf passed out... waking up a few moments later... the strength gained from the little glass bottles now no longer felt unfocused...

And thus the journey of KissMeGentle on Lineage 1 Justice began.

Cool story looking forward to playing with you.
Thx mang. Not a Lotta SS so figured I'd wall o text it out.
Server? Dt: 26/Jun/2019
L1justice is the server... hit lv72 so far ^^
Thx for all PyroAmos :)
Hey Pyro really like your boss chart. Any chance you can update it for the new boss timers on L1 Justice? Not sure if you're playing there anymore.

Does Elixir drop to ground if we fill our inventory with items and the pets as well? I have heard that Elixir will never drop on the ground.
I remember you :)
Dock... if your inventory is full it will drop to ground. If it is in pets inventory, your inventory is full and you collect, it drops to ground.
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