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Pyro's TOI 81f+ Guide

Zenith Queen
Zombie Lord

Zenith Queen

Alrighty, Zenith Queen is the easiest Mob on 81-90 set. He has basically 2 attacks, one of which leaves a poison field.
His normal attack is a melee attack that has same range as his poison attack and hits for moderate damage.
His Poison attack seen in these screenshots, does 2 things, one is an initial magic damage, which hits for moderate damage for anyone in the area of the green. This is magic damage, and is not blocked by zenith ring. After the initial damage, the green field can poison anyone in it, unless they have a zenith ring, or some other poison resist item on. It does not do damage for standing in it, like firewall, it just poisons.\

You can see the distance from me to him, is where he will do all his attacking, both physical and poison cloud. As you can see, you can easily have your party out of where he will cast poison cloud, avoiding the initial damage it does, as well as the poison it gives while you stand in it, just by having someone a bit ahead of everyone else.

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Seer can be a real pain, I'll say that right now. There are however a few tricks to him.

Seer has 3 attacks. The first, is his longest range and can be cast it from just slightly being on screen. This attack jut trys to Paralyze you, which with sufficient Magic Rsistance will fail, thus, doing nothing. It apears as just his eye glowing green for a second. Here are some Screens of what this attack looks like.

His second attack is an AOE, it will hit just under 1 full screen around him and hurts quite a bit. It apears by his protruding small eyeballs spinning around glowing colors. Here are some screens of what this attack looks like.

The last attack his his physical attack. It has no range, so he can only do it when he is standing right next to you. It apears as him throwing is protruding eyeballs out to hit you. It hits for major damage on 1 target. Here are some screens of what this attack looks like.

Seer operates on limited mana, and casts if he is in range for it, meaning he will cast his magic attacks until he runs out of mana before he starts moving.

The best stratagy for seer, is to have bow leading, and as soon as he sees, pull back until it is barly on screen and then start shooting it. Here is a screenshot of the kind of range I mean, by barly on screen.

At this point, seer will be in range to cast his para spell, but not his second AOE damage spell. He will cast para over and over doing no damage to anyone, until he runs out of mana, at which point he will start moving towards the bowman. He may stop short and do his second AOE attack once with leftover mana, before he finishes coming up to melee. Seer regenerates mana quickly, so if he is not killed fairly fast, he will regenerate mana and start casting his first 2 attacks randomly. If you have melee in your group, they can go up and melee seer, while seer is trying to paralyze the bowman, as long as they do not pull agro from the bowman. Healer should heal everyone up if seer stops to do aoe on his way to bowman, in case he regenerates enough mana to cast it a few more times. Be ready to lay down heavy heals on the bowman if Seer gets close to him, as he does alot of damage when he does his physical attack.

If noone with a bow is available, you can just strait up tank it with melee, but everyone will take significant damage due to the repeated AOE spell.

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Alrighty, Vampire is fairly easy. He to has 3 attacks...

First attack does AOE damage in front of him. I have marked in hot pink the safe areas, and the areas that will get hit by his attack on all vamp screenshots. Here is a shot of his AOE frontal attack.

His second attack is really hard to see. It has same range in front of him as the first attack, but also hits anyone in melee range except the cell directly behind him. You can barly see it, its small blue glow you can barly notice. It does fairly low dmg, 150~200 or so.

His last attack is his strongest, and most anoying. It is Vampiric Touch. He can only use it if you are within 3 cells of him. It hits harder than either of his other attacks, and heals him back up, making it take a long time to kill him. Here is SS of his VT...

There are a few ways to kill him. No doubt, the best way is with all bow people. Depending on party makeup, it may be better for the person who get agro, to goto the other side of him, and turn him around, so his AOE only hits the person with agro, or to have the other peopel in party move behind him.

Vampires agro is wierd... soemtimes he will lock on 1 person and not switch, sometimes he will switch for a few seconds and sometimes he will have normal agro like other mobs, and switch to person doing most damage.

Many people say you can't melee him at all because of the vamp touch attack, but, if person with bow tanking it, gets good agro on it, melee can run in and swing. Be careful, if vamp turns and hits once, back off, the last thing you want is vamp touch hitting you and healing vamp back up. If you have more than 1 or 2 melee, you can generally just out-damage his vamp touch as well and not worry about it, just make sure he is facing away from the other people in party, whoever has agro.

Here are 2 more screenshots... take note of where vamp is, and where the safe areas in purple lines are. If you are hunting with just a healer and bowman, the healer can hide behind ledges ect if you move vamp to the right places to be in range for heals, but keep mage behind an obsticle or wall.\

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Zombie Lord

OK, Zombie Lord... most partys avoid these, as they can be a pain to kill. They have alot of HP and are the only hardskinned mob on 81-90 (including lich) and do a nasty AOE. Regardless I will share the info I have on him, and let you decide ^^

Zombie lord has 2 attacks, his AOE hits for about 6 or 7 cells all around him for a decent amount of damage (not horrible, but not good). Here is a screenshot of his AOE.

He also does a single target physical attack. It his about as hard as his AOE, but only 1 target. This attack has no range, ZL must be standing right next to you. Here is a screen shot of this attack.

If person with agro is within his AOE range, Zombie Lord will do an aoe then another action (move 1 cell towards person with agro, or do 1 pysical attack), then do his AOE again. He moves fairly slow, and can be kited by people with bow, but due to him being hardskinned and having so much HP, it can take a long time to kill him with just bow. Generally it is best to keep everyone at max range except 1 or 2 melee, to minimize people needing to get healed.

Like I said earlier, most groups will either trap zombie lord, or just outrun them, due to them moving so slowly and having so much HP and being hardskinned.

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Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps you on your journeys. Good luck as you move on to the fun part of lineage.