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Background Page

Backgrounds - Backgrounds collected from various web sites, both official Lineage sites from multiple countrys sites, and fan generated.

Pyro's Super-Cool Aion Gameplay Videos!

2v4 win~! - I start fighting 1v4 against a party in the abyss... after a few minutes a cleric in party comes to join in... win vs 2 clerics and 2 melee.
Klaw AOE Grinding - Me and Andrew AOE grinding Lv38/39 Klaws when we were lv36/37.
Solo Kromede - Soloing Kromede the Corrupt with a Lv41 Cleric.

Pyro's Super-Cool Lineage Gameplay Videos!

First PvP Video - Yay my first PvP video! Set to Cocky by Kid Rock
Fafurion Kill - Unfortunately I started video a couple seconds after we engaged rather than before... still get to see us kill him though so :P (Halloween 2010)
Anth Attempt - Trying to kill anth... unfortunately he burrow for 5min after every 15~20sec of getting hit so most of it is us standing around trying to figure out how to kill (Halloween 2010)
Girtas Attempt - Small group of us trying to kill girtas when he was spawned on DI.... nowhere near what is needed qq (Halloween 2010)
Lastavard front - Super-quick reckless clear of front half of Lasta in event poly (Halloween 2010)
ANTHRAS KILL - Anthras kill... I got the 2nd 1-shot, so ghey.
Anthras Kill #2 - 2nd Anthras kill. Good fun.
Two Man Death - Video of killing Death with 2 Lv70 Knights.
Yay Yahee - Video of killing Yahee Chozo and Morph, immune makes it such a joke, lolz
YAHEE! - Video of killing Yahee with OINK.... no mage makes it prty rough! lol.
FarmingDeath1 - Farming death, dragging him around while ppl kill his summons.
FarmingDeath2 - More farming death, have to make him summon a couple times.
FarmingDeath3 - Lotta summons farming death... gogo Hypnotic/LordGuess kill those priests!
FarmingDeath4 - Death keeps pulling me me back summoning more! Better get to work killing them!
FarmingDeath5 - Uh Oh... finally cleared all the priests? Better make him summon more!
Close Call 92f-93f - I have died in this exact spot more times on 91f-100f than anywhere else.
Dead on 92f - Wasn't so lucky this time... this is what happens when it goes bad.
Giant Ant Queen - Funny video... Ant Queen kill video, but, watch the bot walk onto screen, stand there for 2 sec then flop from the AOE hehehe.
Giant Worm - Me and Blesseddelf 2 man Giant Worm... he has a cool ass attack! lol.
Laia killed by bow - Killing laia with bow and blind
Spirit - Orc castle's boss the big tree named Spirit
Zenith Queen - Simple ZQ kill... lagging rly bad, but other than that, nothing to special.
Seer - Simple Seer kill, nothing to special, but, there it is if you wanna see it.
Vampire - Killin' vamp the hard way, hehe, 2 tanks and a healer (Me, Blesseddelf and Bluephoenix.)
Vampire x2 - I solo vamp on test with 47 elf, but drops to ground and I have to venz... on way back get double vamp and then loot first vamps pile. Note first vamp you see drops scrolls, but they arn't there when I get back up, the bats pick up all scrolls. Also note: this is long video (5min), and is 20megabytes in size, so a bit lengthy to download and watch :P
Zombie Lord - Zombie Lord... finally got this bich of camera!
Cougar - Pretty simple/easy cougar kill, me and Bluephoenix
Mummy Lord - Mummy Lord kill with Legendkiller and Ithaca... nice drop, Charm, B-Zel, C-Zel
Iris - Me and Legendkiller kill a Iris.
Knight Vald - Knight Vald kill with Legendkiller, Blesseddelf and Bluephoenix
Lich - Lich kill with Legendkiller
Grim Reaper - Grim Reaper kill with Blesseddelf and Bluephoenix
81f-100f and grim - Timeelapsed 81f-100f run then grim kill.
Ice Cave 1f - Timelapsed Ice Caves 1f then Ice demon kill.
TOS 2f - Hunting center area of ToS 2f in full party
TOS 2f (2) - Hunting center area of ToS 2f in full party (2)
TOS 2f 3-Man - Hunting a side of ToS 2f in 3 man party, 55+ knight (me), 65+ water elf and 60+ wind elf, can see us cycle whites nearly flawlessly to keep continuous stream of mobs.
TOS 2f Now - Tour of TOS 2f since it got nerfed *Upon Request*
TOS 3f tour - Tour of TOS 3f notice the 4 groups of mobs that spawn in the 4 corners of the room.
SOE 1v1 spot - Pyro just made a video to show everyone how to do it! I KILL HIM FOREVER!!

Pyro's Guides

Pyro's Swinglag Fix Guide - Use this guide to edit windows registry, making windows interact a little diferant with the internet and fix swinglag.
Lineage - Pyro's 81f-90f Comprehensive TOI Hunting Guide. - NOTE THESE FLOORS HAVE CHANGED AND SOME OF THE MONSTERS DO NOT ACT THE SAME AS WHEN THIS GUIDE WAS MADE! Pyro's 81f-90f TOI Comprehensive Hunting Guide... I made this a while ago, but didn't want to put a link to it on my main site, I just gave it to people who wanted help learning how to hunt 81f+, but... neither me or any of my friends really hunt up there much anymore, so I figured, why not throw it up, so everyone can see, let me know how you like it, I almost died a few times making it, lol.
Lineage 2 - Pyro's Get a Pet Guide - Its such a pain to find a guide for the quest to get a wolf, that has the answers to all the questions... so I made one.
Lineage 2 - Pyro's Test of Fate Guide - I wasn't able to find a guide for this Lv37 Dark elf 2nd class transfer quest, so I made one. Enjoy.
Lineage 2 - Pyro's Pailoka Fire And Ice (Lv36~42) Guide - Yay... new xpac, new stuff to make guides for! Enjoy.


Yissonly 2cell ettin, very obvious
MISSonly 2cell ettin twice, once one behind the other without moving, very obvious
Yissonly 2cell ettin first 2 hits, then MISSonly 2cell Ettin 'til dead, first moderately obvious, second very obvious
Mysdfg 2 cell ettin and sucubus queen, very obvious (also someone in sucubus morph on top of screen 2 cell atk etting, didn't mouseover name, because I noticed him to late)
PkID 2cell Sucubus Queen, queen closes the cell after a few hits, very obvious
NaMen 2cell sucubus first 2 hits, then closes the cell, moderatly obvious
NaMen 2cell sucubus, very obvious
Jian23 2cell first hit, then close gap to kill, moderatly obvious
WANping 2cell Ettin, then walkthrough me, very obvious
Mugcup walkthrough me while I block 1 cell path, very obvious
YJYMUK walk through, then TaoBaiBai walk through at same cell, very obvious