Pyro's Swinglag Guide

FIRST. This involves editing your windows registry and changing settings. No Man, animal, alien or artificial inteligence should ever touch windows registry unless you want to completly devestate your system. Change the wrong setting in here and your screwed. Don't come to me crying if you do this. I don't recomend anyone open windows registry, let alone change these settings. If you do anything on here and crash your system, its on you, not me, don't ask me for help, don't cry to me, I don't wanna hear it.

KK still reading? What this does is change windows to send an Acknowledge (ACK) for every packet recieved, rather than the windows default of every 2 packets. By default if only 1 packet is recieved, windows waits 200 miliseconds (1/5 of a second) before sending an ACK, which is what causes the occasional pause between swings. The programing for lineage should cover this oversight, but, they have shyt programers. By changing this setting, windows will send an ACK every time it recieves a packet. As such...

This does not change/alter lineage client or game at all, it changes only the way windows interacts with the internet. I sent a message to the community coordinator to ask why they don't give instructions for this. She replied that she was sending my message to QA or support or something like that, who never contacted me back... I think it is basically just them not knowing about changing this setting to fix swing lag, that and (now that I've told them about it) them not wanting to have to support it when people do this amd mess up their system cause windows registry is freakin' touchy.

KK last note, I didn't discover this on my own, it was posted on a message board. With a little research, this is commonly done with other games such as WoW to increase ping speed. As such, I cannot claim to have discovered this fix on my own, but, this guide is written by me, and the screen shots are done by me. Anyway.

Onward... your still here? I thought I told you noone should ever touch windows registry! Oh well, I guess you, like me, are a glutton for punishment...

STEP 1. Open windows registry. If you don't know how to do this already, please leave now, as you have no idea, wtf your getting into. But, this is how you do it, if you still wanna continue,

Just click start -> run, type in regedit and click OK

STEP 2. Find the key used for the internet. The path on most computers should be


There is most likly several keys in here, with names like 44C8499D-BE8F-423D-9E54-D552F5E304F6, find the one with your IP number in the right right hand part of the screen. This is the key used to access the internet.

STEP 3. Add new DWord entry. Do this by right-clicking on white space on right side goto new -> DWORD Value

Once you click this, type in TcpAckFrequency (case sensative) and make the entry.

STEP 4. Change the value. Find the new entry you just made, right click it and click modify..

Alrighty, now just change the value. It should read 0 when you open it (which tells windows to use its default, which is 2), change this to 1.

STEP 5. Now exit windows registry and reboot your system. When you reboot, the setting will go into effect, windows will now send an ACK for every packet it recieves, and YAY no more swing lag. Now pat yourself on the back, you survived editing windows registry, and acomplished what you set out to acomplish! Yay!