Pyro's Testimony of Fate Guide

Testimony of Fate starts at the Dark Elf trainer Kaira in Giran.

He Gives you some Dimintional Fragments, Kaira's Letter and sends you to the temple to speek to Metheus. He is actually standing behind the temple...

He takes Kaira's Letter, gives you Metheus's Funeral Jar and sends you to the execution grounds to kill a Hangman Tree.

Killing the Hangman Tree will make Metheus's Funeral Jar disapear and gives you Kasandra's Remains. Take Kasandra's Remains back to Metheus. He will take Kasandra's Remains, give you an Herbalism Textbook and ask you to bring him some Belladonna.

You must goto the Dark Elf trainer Ixia in Dion now. She will take Herbalism Textbook, give you Ixia's List and send you to gather 10 each of a series of Materials to make Belladonna. Ixia's list will list the items, as well as quest log.

These are in no particular order.

First Dead Seeker in Execution Grounds.

Tyrant in Wastelands.

*NOTE* Warlike Tyrant and Lesser Warlike Tyrant will not drop item, only Tyrant and Tyrant Kingpin.

Medusa in Gorgon Flower Garden.

Marsh Stakato and Marsh Spider in Cruma Wasteland.

*NOTE* Marsh Stakato Worker, Marsh Stakato Soldier and Marsh Stakato Drone will all drop the quest item.

Once you have obtained all these items, return them to Ixia in Dion, She will take all the items, and Ixia's List from you and give you Belladonna. Take the Belladonna to Metheus in Giran, and he will give you Alder's Skull.

Now you must return to Kaira. Notice she doesn't really give you anything to do...

You must speak to her again, to continue on the quest line. She tells you to find Roa.

Roa is in the Magic Guild in Giran. After you click through all the text she takes Alder's Skull and gives you Alder's Reciept and sends you to Gludin Village to speak to Warehouse Keeper Norman.

Warehouse Keeper Norman takes Alder's Receipt and gives you Revelations Manuscript.

You must now take the manuscript back to Kaira in Giran. She takes the Revelations Manuscript, gives you Kaira's Recommendation and sends you to Tetrarch Thifiell in Dark Elven village.

Tetrach Thifiell then takes Kaira's Recomendation, gives you Palus Charm and Thifiell's Letter and sends you to Witch Arkenia.

When you get to Witch Arkenia she takes Thifiell's Letter, tells you that you need to get Red Fairy Dust and Blight Treant Sap and gives you Arkenia's Note.

You now need to find Blight Treant and Bloody Pixy, both of these wander all around the Dark Elf starting areas, theres usually a couple around the Dark Elf Village as well..

I like to do Blight Treant first (although it doesn't matter which you do first), you can usually find one in or around the Swampland. He will send you into the Swampland to kill A Black Willow Lurker and gives you Blight Treant Seed.

Black Willow Lurker is in the Swampland.

Go find a Blight Treant again and get the Blight Treant Sap.

Now find a Bloody Pixy. It will give you a Pixy Garnet and ask you to bring it the Skulls of 4 monsters.

First Karul Bugbear, just outside Hunters Village...

Leto Lizardman Overlord...

Breka Orc Overlord...

And finally Grandis...

Once you have gotten the 4 Skulls, go back and find a Bloody Pixy again. It will take the 4 Skulls and Pixy Garnet and give you the Red Fairy Dust.

Once you have completed the Pixy's and Treant's tasks return to Witch Arkenia. Arkenia will take the Blight Treant Sap, Red Fairy Dust and Arkenia's Note, complete the Initiation Ceremony and give you Arkenia's Letter.

Alright, your almost done... all you have to do now is return to Tetrarch Thifiell. He will take the Palus Charm and Arkania's Letter, and give you 123,854 adena, Mark of Fate, 682,735 exp and 45,562 SP. Congradulations, you've completed teh Test Of Fate!